Stfc officer guide

stfc officer guide

The North Star is a highly sought after mining ship which could help end all your griefing troubles. It is is especially good for mining G3 materials at a higher rate. For most of us, progression in Star Trek Fleet Command is only possible doing one of two things. Either you can mine for resources yourself or you can attack other players while they are mining and steal what they have got. With many taking to the Reddit community to voice their frustrations, with the main complaint being the constant griefing and a lack of progress.

I will be honest, you will need to grind. To unlock this ship, you will need to get 90 blueprints. Some missions are more rewarding than others, but on average you are looking at two or three blueprints permission.

Remember, gathering these 90 blueprints will not be a walk in the park. You will need to be levelled up to around the mid-twenties or higher, and willing to sink a lot of time into a mining ship. Place a Klingon as your captain and you should be able to avoid being confronted while mining in their teritory.

Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to GameZebo. Home Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Best. Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats. Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More. Like Gamezebo on Facebook. Follow Gamezebo on Twitter.In this game, you get to play a major role in determining the future of the galaxy. The Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces are at the verge of war as they fight over who gets control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

You are a starbase commander, and it is up to you to recruit officers, build battle ships, and establish relationships with the different factions. The game lets you unlock iconic characters from the sci-fi series, including Captain Kirk, Spock, Nero, and even Khan.

All of this, of course, requires various resources to accomplish, such as dilithium, raw crystal, raw gas, raw ore, parsteel and tritanium. Before you start scouring the galaxy for resources in Star Trek Fleet Command, you must first upgrade your ship. Rare resources can be mined from high-level systems and you will not be able to reach them unless your warp range is high enough.

Gather battleship parts or explorer parts in order to upgrade your warp engine. These can be acquired by opening free crates, killing hostiles, completing missions, and participating in events. Just upgrade it then try again. You are probably wondering why you have to go through so much trouble when you can produce the necessary resources at home.

You will need a lot, so it is better if you can secure more on top of the ones you produce at your base. Secondly, some quests require you to send ships to mine certain resources. In order to find the systems, just open up the galaxy screen.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Morale Crew Synergies

Look for the name of the system that you want to go to. The node names will have numbers beside them. These numbers indicate the level of the node. If your warp engine level is high enough, you should be able to jump to the location. Keep in mind that there is no exact location for the mines. You will have to manually search for them.

Dilithium is one of the most sought-after resources in the game. You will need a lot of it in order to keep progressing in the game. Check out the list of mining locations below if you are in need of more dilithium.Bridge officers have a wide range of abilities they can use, starting at rank I and continuing to a possible rank III.

Their abilities follow a system of rarity. Other abilities are only obtained from uncommonrare or very rare Bridge Officers. Your Captain can also teach your own bridge officers abilities. The abilities they can teach depend on how many points you spend in a particular track.

For a list of the skills that teach Bridge Officers advanced abilities, see List of skills trainable by captain. Space abilities can only be used if the officer is of appropriate rank and is sitting at an appropriately ranked station. This is why obtaining new ships becomes so important, as higher tier ships generally offer more Bridge Officer stations of higher rank, which in turn gives you access to more abilities in space. In the tables below, the background colour of the table cell showing the rank of the ability is specifically colored to indicate where the skill normally comes from.

How To Crew Your Explorers, From Turas, Jellyfish, Centurion & Beyond - Officer Tutorial Pt. 16

These colors are as follows:. Note: The table below prioritizes abilities by Bridge Officer Trainerthen trainable by captain, and then available from non-common bridge officers.

There is some overlap however i. Sign In. From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : Abilities Bridge Officer abilities. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. In other languages Deutsch. Last modified: 13 March at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved.

This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Augment Boarding Party. Beam Array: Fire at Will. Beam Array: Overload. Tactical Team. Torpedo: High Yield. Torpedo: Spread.

Target Weapons Subsystems. Target Engines Subsystems. Target Shields Subsystems. Target Auxiliary Subsystems. Kemocite-Laced Weaponry. Distributed Targeting.They are all available through the regular recruitment, premium recruitment and ultra recruitment options. Where PVP is listed under role, the captain and officer abilities only apply against Players.

Where PVE is listed, they are only effective against red Hostiles. At the end of the table, I have grouped a few officers who work well together in certain situations which you will commonly encounter when playing Star Trek Fleet Command.

Each officer will contain a type of synergy group which can be found at the top right side of the officer's icon.

Officers from the same synergy group will increase the captain's manoeuvre skill. If you have any other combinations that you find particularly effective, please share them in the comments below!

These officers provide bonus XP when they are assigned, so if you are levelling your ship you want these to make levelling as quick as possible. Mining is a risky business in Star Trek Fleet Command. These officers can help make things a little less risky by adding cargo protection, extra defence and speeding up mining activities.

Being attacked whilst mining is inevitable, so assign one of these officers to minimise your losses.

stfc officer guide

When attacking or defending against other players you need to maximise your attack to quickly eliminate the other player as fast as possible, whilst boosting your defence so that you outlive their attacks. These officers should help with boosting attack and defence against players.

These officers provide a bonus for attacking NPC Hostiles which are useful for missions or farming for resources. Once you reach level 15 your station is open to attack by other players. These officers can provide a welcome boost to station defences if they are assigned to a ship which is in one of the dry docks. Once you reach level 15 you are also able to attack other players stations, so these officers can come in handy to give you an additional boost to your attack fleet.

If you have any recommendations for Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Assignments please let us know in the comments below! This post is part of the series Star Trek Fleet Command. Use the links below to advance to the next tutorial in the couse, or go back and see the previous in the tutorial series.

stfc officer guide

Please bear in mind that the captain's maneuver for T'Laan does not work. Scopely has acknowledged this but has never fixed it.

Assigning T'Laan will not award any bonus XP. This is an exceptional compilation of Officer info, which helps with tactics. I've tried finding this and other info on how to play the game to no avail We respect your privacy, and will not make your email public.

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Diablo Immortal By Tim Trott. This is a complete list of all the officers available in Star Trek Fleet Command and a list of all captain and officer abilities. We then show you our recommended assignments based on common tasks in the game.If you want to bring peace to space, you must first learn how to fight.

Star Trek Fleet Command has an easy to learn but difficult to master battle system. Although it may seem easy at the beginning, it gets harder and you need to learn to use your ships and your officers in the most efficient way to survive the combat.

In this guide, we will tell how you can do this. Once you start combat, you can only watch: There are no skill buttons to press. Each battle lasts seconds on average, and the ship with the higher combat power wins the battle.

Doing a scan will give you an idea of the outcome of the battle. For example, a fairly easy battle is waiting for us on the following screen:.

Take a look at the rewards at the bottom of the screen too. As we mentioned in our other guidesyou are getting a loot box at the end of battles. You can get the blueprints and resources needed for new ships from this box. Your ship automatically goes to the enemy location and begins to attack. There is nothing you can do other than watching at this stage. The battle will end in a short time. This mechanic never changes: You are attacking all enemies in this way.

As we mentioned above, this is a system that seems quite easy at first glance. But the mechanics that determine the combat power of the ships are quite complex. There are multiple elements that determine the combat power of your ships. The Interceptor class consists of the most suitable ships for battles. For really tough enemies, you can choose Battleship class ships.

In general, do not enter into battle with Survey class ships. You can use Explorer class ships until you switch to the Interceptor class. The rarity level of ships is also important: There are four rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, and epic. In general, the epic ships are the most powerful ones. You can upgrade a common ship to make it more effective on the battlefield, but with an epic ship, you can start winning battles without losing any time.

We have provided more detailed information about the ship classes and their features in another guide.


Although the class and rarity are important, you can even upgrade the simplest ship to a battle monster using the upgrade system.

When you press this button, the following screen appears:. The equipment you place on these slots makes your ship stronger and more durable. In other words, they increase your combat power. As we explained in Ships guide, filling all the slots will also raise their Tier levels. So, to achieve maximum combat power, make sure each slot is full. You can also upgrade the equipment you place in these slots. The increase in level will also increase the basic stats of ships and their combat power.

In short, there are three things you need to do to get a higher combat power on the ship management screen:.If you would like to be involved in its development let us know. A package of funding, soon to be made available to the UK research community, will invite scientists, to work on projects that help improve our ability to forecast space weather.

The STFC group is leading training for others to carry out testing and calibration of the new ventilators. Funding opportunities. Current and future calls. Expressions of interest. How large facilities help physicists, chemists and biologists to understand our world and the Universe beyond.

stfc officer guide

Are you looking for work experience? Inspiring young people is one of the STFC's main objectives. Find out more. Careers Media Office. Latest News 03 April Upgrading the UK's ability to predict and manage space weather events A package of funding, soon to be made available to the UK research community, will invite scientists, to work on projects that help improve our ability to forecast space weather.

Satellite technology and AI can help with that. Coronavirus updates. STFC technology to help open up access to revolutionary imaging technique. First-ever Stephen Hawking Fellows announced. Simulation and machine learning for future medicine. Fascination - sign up for our newsletter.

Popular content:. Funding opportunities Current and future calls Expressions of interest. What's Happening? Highlights from across STFC. Inspiring research How large facilities help physicists, chemists and biologists to understand our world and the Universe beyond. Work experience Are you looking for work experience? Toggle navigation Menu.Assemble your crew and ready your ships for the biggest strategy game on mobile.

Forge alliances and create an epic armada to dominate the galaxy. Join forces with the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans. Or forge a path of your own as you grow in power and prestige.

The war has just begun. Are you ready? How you take advantage of what lies beyond the stars is up to you and your ship crew. You and plenty of other commanders will embark upon a new adventure within the Star Trek mythos. Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Star Trek Fleet Command :. Those elements happen to be other human controlled ships, enemy ships, and special resource mining areas.

Some mining areas take a while to fully deplete — other human players and enemy ships can roll right up on you while your ship is at work and completely disable it. So this next bit of advice should aid you until you hit that specified level. Once you have multiple ships ready for deployment, maximize your mining output by sending them off to different parts of the galaxy. Focus on one of your ships for a while as you send them into battle and aid their mining habits.

Then locate your other ship and do the same. Start small and take on ships that are much weaker than your own. Simply tap on one of those ships to see what rewards will come your way after defeating them.

Tap on the Missions icon the yellow exclamation point to get an idea of the combat missions available to you. Focus on completing the Combat Training Missions so you can acquire a ton of rewards and nab the resources needed to improve your ships.

As for the weaker ones, place them in the slots beneath your Bridge crew. Check out the Officer Ability of each Officer before you assign them to a ship. After you spend enough time completing Missions, collecting chests, and mining resources, take a break from exploring and head back to base.

Head to the Missions tab so you can see what parts of your base need to be built next. Instead, ask your Alliance for assistance during these instances. Then go and do some more exploring and come back to complete the job once five-minutes of completion time are left — you can instantly finish any task once it hits five-minutes or below.

You should spend most of your Research efforts in the Combat area — the assists that come from Combat Research will turn your ships into a formidable space army. The second most important Research element you should upgrade are the Galaxy exploring stat boosters.

The Station Research upgrades should get a bit of your attention after you spend some resources on the last two Research areas. Keep building up new pieces of your base so you can command more ships and unlock new Research topics in all three upgrade areas. Always check in to fulfill Help Requests from other players those same players can do the same for you!

The max amount of Alliance members that can be helped at a time also increases. If you head into the Events menu, you can stay abreast of the Events tied to your continued efforts as an Alliance member. Complete these to earn as many points as you can alongside fellow Alliance mates — the rewards gained from scoring high during Daily Alliance events are totally worth it!

Be wise with the choices you make during certain Missions so you can become a favorite of the Faction s you prefer the most. And finally, make it a habit to check out the Gifts menu. By Elton Jones.


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