Steam ps4 controller input lag

Playing games on Steam with a PS4 controller is remarkably easy: Just plug the controller into your PC, and you're good to go. With a little bit of extra work, you can even play wirelessly and change the button mapping to your liking. Let's learn how to properly configure your PS4 controller with Steam.

This article specifically focuses on using the PS4 controller with the Steam platform. Before you start using your PS4 controller with Steam, there are some preliminary actions you should take, including making sure you have the latest version of the Steam client.

Follow these steps:. Make sure any nearby PlayStation 4 consoles are unplugged. Otherwise, the controller might try to sync with the console instead of your computer.

Select Steam in the top-left corner of the window to open a dropdown menu, then select Check for Steam Client Updates. You should see your controller under Detected Controllers. Select the box beside PS4 Configuration Support. From this screen, you can give your controller a name, change the color of the light atop the controller and toggle the rumble feature on or off.

If Steam isn't detecting your controller, double check the USB cable connection. Unplugging the controller and plugging it back in sometimes fixes the problem. The Steam Link will even take care of some configuration steps automatically. If you hold down the PS and Share buttons simultaneously on your controller, your PC might automatically detect it via Bluetooth.

If it doesn't, you might need a PS4 DualShock 4 wireless dongle to play wirelessly. Official ones can be purchased from Sony, or you can find one made by another manufacturer. Simultaneously hold the PS and Share buttons on the controller until the light on top starts flashing. You should now be able to play most Steam games with your PS4 controller, but you can further customize how your controller works for specific games. Indeed, this step may be necessary for games that primarily rely on keyboard inputs.

To edit in-game controller settings, simply press the PS button on the center of the controller. From the resulting screen, you can map specific keyboard actions to your controller buttons.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC with DS4 Windows Driver - Tutorial

Most modern games should display the appropriate PlayStation button configuration, but some older games may display an Xbox controller instead. Nonetheless, you should be able to figure out the button mapping and use your PS4 controller with no issues.

When you're finished playing, you should manually power down the controller. Simply hold down the PS button for seconds. In addition to playing games, you can use your PS4 controller to navigate the Steam platform. For example, you can use the joysticks as a mouse and even enable the controller's trackpad. Open Steam in Big Picture Mode. You can select the Big Picture icon in the top right corner of the Steam client, or you can simply press the PS button.

From here, you can configure the control for navigating Steam in both Desktop and Big Picture mode. Tweet Share Email. Launch Steam on your PC.Check out our guide to the best Black Friday gaming deals of the season. Steam has rolled out official support for Sony's DualShock 4, which works instantly with most games on the platform and features the same insane amount of custom configuration options found on Valve's own Steam Controller.

It's a great companion for surviving that Dark Souls 3 run or wading through the trove of cool indies you may have picked up during the Steam Summer Sale. To get your DualShock 4 set up on Steam, launch the Steam client and click the controller icon at the top right to enter Big Picture Modewhich is Steam's console-like, controller-friendly interface. You'll be prompted with a small window for personalizing your controller, which lets you assign a name to your DualShock 4, toggle the rumble feature and set the color, brightness and saturation of the gamepad's top-facing lightbar.

Your DualShock 4 will now be registered to work on Steam, but that's just the beginning of the fun. You can also create game-specific control schemes by simply launching a game, pressing the PlayStation button and selecting Controller Settings. The amount of ways you can customize your DualShock 4 on Steam is staggering, and reminds me a lot of the fine-tuning options that Valve offers for its own, less-conventional Steam Controller.

In addition to remapping every button and adjusting the sensitivity of the thumbsticks, you can also take advantage of the controller's unique touchpad and gyroscope in a myriad of ways.

Want the DualShock 4's touchpad to behave like a mouse? Go for it. How about controlling the in-game camera by simply moving the controller? You can make that happen. If you like tweaking every possible parameter when setting up your controls for games, Steam's DualShock 4 features could keep you busy for hours. Sony's controller is now even more appealing as a PC gamepadand if you already have one lying around, you can experience a lot of the Steam Controller's unique customization options without shelling out for another peripheral.

Tom's Guide. Your PS4 controller is now also an excellent PC gamepad. Topics Gaming. See all comments 5. Man, Steam isn't recognizing my DualShock at all. Not even a glimmer of recognition. SO HOW? Only way steam on my pc recognizes my conroller is with it tethered to usb.Having a reliable controller is essential for your PS4 gaming sessions.

steam ps4 controller input lag

The perfect controller should instantly transfer your actions into the game. However, there are situations when gamers may experience controller lag, and this delay can become quite irritating. Take all wireless devices and gadgets to another room and check if this solved the problem. Take a sharp object and press that button to reset the connection. Turn on the console, and sync the two devices by pressing the PS button on the controller. Lift up the sticks and blow some air into the stick gap to remove any dust particles that may cause lag.

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PS4 Controller is Lagging? You Can Fix it

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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Steam Controller Store Page. Global Achievements. Although it's not major, it's a delay that's noticable enough that it pisses me off when trying to use the Steam Controller for ARPG's or anything that requires quick and methodical buttonpresses. Anyone else experience this? Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Originally posted by Brother O4 :. Originally posted by towerston11 :. I dont have the ability to solve the issue since i dont know where your issue is coming from but increasing Frame can help to lesses your issue until you have found the issue.

The Steam controll is design to be as low input as possible so you can possibly try sending a ticket to tech support for now all i can advice you is lower your setting to increase your frames to lower the lag you are feeling.

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How to Use a PS4 Controller on Steam

Mason View Profile View Posts. So I very recently got a new PC and I went to install rocket league on it. I start up the game and jump into a match using my PS4 controller and about every seconds I get random bits of input lag. Sometimes it doesnt seem to even register that I presswed a button.

steam ps4 controller input lag

I then tried an older controller doesnt work very well cause its broke and there was no input lag from it at all.

The older controller came with the standard PS4 console and the one that I use thats having input lag issues was ordered from Amazon but it was still made buy Sony. Both controller are made by Sony. I don't have blue tooth on my PC to try and connect it that way either. Its only having input lag on my newer controller. I used this same controller on my other PC no problems and tested it out on my ps4 rocket league and no problem. One thing I did notice is that on my devices in the settings, my controller having random spikes of input lag was listed as an audio device while my other older controller is listed under "other devices".

I have tried just about everything. DS4Windows wont even detect either controller and sometimes I have problems trying to get both the controller to connect to steam to even work. Ive gone into big picture mode and tried all that aswell.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Ken View Profile View Posts.

Is it a hardware thing? Rocket View Profile View Posts. Thanks for sharing, T7 on pc feels perfect for me. Originally posted by ken :. Asghar View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Asghar ; 5 Jul, am. Originally posted by Killerstani :. People think input delay is one thing, it's not, it's multiple things. Originally posted by MythAlex :. Originally posted by tachen :.

On PS4 Pro multiplayer is unplayable. Input delay, lagg, disconnects Regret buying it on store so I cant return it. Originally posted by ecimir :. Last edited by Myth[Alex] ; 14 Sep, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 5 Jul, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.

PS4 Controller is Lagging? You Can Fix it

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Steam Controller Store Page. Global Achievements. Quaze27 View Profile View Posts. I tried to connect a ps4 controller in my laptop, but it has a delay with the buttons. I wanna play games like cod on controller but the delay make's it for me unplayable.

Anyone knows how to fix this? Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. Buy a better controller No, but seriously, how are you connecting it? This is actually really common, especially with Bluetooth. The former, they usually choose the cheapest adapter on the planet which is prolly why you are having issues.

steam ps4 controller input lag

The latter usually have no problems because they have to be of a certain quality so they most often have no problems. IF wired, you can blame the USB chipset or maybe an old driver. This is exactly the reason the Steam Controller doesn't use Bluetooth. The BT stack in Windows is rather poor so even under the best of circumstances it has what most gamers would call unacceptable latency.

steam ps4 controller input lag

Sorry, but there isn't really much else you can do about it other than this.


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