Daisy 4x15 scope manual

Proper adjustment of the scope on a pellet gun is a simple process that will help ensure accuracy. Whether it is used for target shooting or hunting small game, the scope should be properly sighted in. Determine where the pellet hit the target. It should be centered below the bull's-eye.

daisy 4x15 scope manual

If it's not centered, adjust the windage by using a flat-head screwdriver to turn the knob located on the side of the scope. There may be a plastic cover over the knob that will need to be removed by unscrewing it.

Turn the knob counterclockwise if the pellet struck to the left of the bull's-eye and clockwise if it is to the right of it.

Daisy Model 808 4X15 Scope 980808-444, Color: Black

Adjust the elevation knob--located on top of the scope--if the point of impact is too low or too high. Remove the knob's plastic cover. Turn the knob clockwise to lower the shot or counterclockwise to raise it. Aim at the next target's bull's-eye and fire the gun to verify that the scope is sighted in at 10 feet. Move back to 10 yards from the targets and fire the gun while aiming at a bull's-eye. The shot should land a little higher but still be below the bull's-eye. It will remain centered from left to right.

Adjust the elevation and fire several more shots, as needed, to ensure the pellets land in the center of the bull's-eye. The pellet gun is now sighted in at 10 yards. Brielle Vance is a technical writer with a journalism background. After earning a Bachelor of Science in communication from Ferris State University, she completed an internship for the college's technology assistance center.

Related How to Adjust a Tasco Scope. Items you will need Pellet gun with mounted scope Targets Pellets Flat-head screwdriver. Set up several targets, each with a bull's-eye.

About the Author.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Daisy 4x15 scope sighting. Daisy 4x15 scope sighting I've been trying to sight this scope, and now, I'm shooting low still at 10 yds.

However, the issue now is the elevation knob is maxed out already. Any idears are appreciated. Even if it's "Replace the scope". If you run the elevation adjustment all the other way, does the projectile hit even lower?

I'm wondering if it is changing. If it is, is the rear mounting ring a different size than the front? I could say you have projectile dysfunction, but I won't. I had the same problem, my scope and mount weren't lining up correctly, the scope could not be set correctly and reached the end of it's settings what is not a good idea.

So, i altered the mount it was put up on. Change rings and see what it does, or else you need another mount with rings. Maybe the scope is out of whack, but start with the mount first, mostly the fault is there in the mount or how the scope is mounted. Yeah, I'm wondering if I need to put some adjustment slugs under the front of the mount, and work back up.

It's a dovetail mount Just an air rifle, nothing fancy pants. I've accidentally swallowed some Scrabble tiles. My next crap could spell disaster. Originally Posted by w6tmi. Well he did mention maxing out his knob Along with perhaps other aspects of the mount being off. Assuming the gun isn't shooting way low, unlikely 10 yards. Stupid Q: You do lower the scope and nnot put it to a higher setting? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.

Daisy PowerLine 4x15 Scope for Model 880 Airsoft Rifle

All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.This Daisy rifle scope provides 4x magnification with a millimeter objective lens for accurate targeting. The scope features a cross-hair aiming reticle and is adjustable for windage and elevation. Built to last, the scope boasts fog and shockproof construction and is color corrected.

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Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Please add " opticsplanet. Color: Black. Product Info for Daisy Model 4X15 Scope This Daisy rifle scope provides 4x magnification with a millimeter objective lens for accurate targeting. Daisy Model 4X15 Scope, Black, Daisy Model 4X15 Scope, Black Tap Tap to Zoom.

Ask a Question About This Product. Related Reviews. Compare 0. Remove All.Apc bxr cn manual high school. IMO you'd be better off buying a daisy Action is good. Just like any product you purchase it is important to consider the support you will get for the product whilst it is under warranty and the avalibility of parts for service at a later date.

Money Back Guarantee Refund in 15 Days. Scopes: Ok, you really want a scope. The fixed four-power magnification enhances your view of the target for a clean, sure shot. From the estate of the late Warren R. Winchester Model12 ga. Daisy brand 4x magnification and 15mm diameter visor for compressed air rifles. Second is a Daisy Powerline "pump" rifle rifled barrel for BB's pellets when loaded singularlyrates excellent with some minor.

Rifle scope instruction manual. The Brocock Compatto. Unfollow daisy 4x15 scope to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. The iron sights are accurate, but the 4x15 millimeter scope can be a bit foggy if you don't use the adjustment ring properly.

Includes 4x15 scope, mount, paper targets, safety glasses, BBs and pellets; A favorite of young shooters, the Crosman Pumpmaster has been helping kids learn good shooting skills and proper gun handling for man decades. Daisy Powerline s Dual Ammo. Size: 4 x 15 Verified Purchase. Especially small parts like screws. The cross-hair reticle helps you point and shoot with enhanced accuracy as well! Recommended for lower power pneumatic and spring air rifles. Details can be found on the Evike.

So noticably off that if I look at the gun from the top it actually looks like it's pointing a little to the left, and when I remove the sight and reattach it, it's now pointing to the right. Please include a detailed description of the problem.It all starts with.

At Daisy Outdoor Products, we strive harder than the rest to ensure our products are of the highest quality, and that includes everything from our BB guns to our safety programs to our customer support.

If you have an issue with one of our products, there are several ways to get help. To communicate directly with us, hit Contact Us below. Getting the right shooting equipment for your team or new shooter is important, and for new coaches it can be…. This decision was not made…. Shop now. Add to cart. Products Browse products by category. Rifles Shop Now. Youth Archery Shop Now. Slingshots Shop Now. Ammo Shop Now. Pistols Shop Now. Customer Satisfaction At Daisy Outdoor Products, we strive harder than the rest to ensure our products are of the highest quality, and that includes everything from our BB guns to our safety programs to our customer support.

Contact us. The latest news. Getting the right shooting equipment for your team or new shooter is important, and for new coaches it can be… read more. This decision was not made… read more. Start Typing. Let us keep you updated with our latest news and promotions.If you aimed straight at the bull's eye, but you hit high, you would click in the UP direction.

If you also hit to the left of the bulls eye, you'd click LEFT. You are basically adjusting the crosshairs to point to where the bullet actually hit. The turrets should be marked. Note, most turrets are covered with a screw cap, which you need to take off, then use a dime or thumbnail or a screwdriver to actually make your adjustments. Note, the scope should say exactly how many clicks equal a certain movement of the crosshairs. Bring along a ruler, measure, convert to clicks, and click away.

Also, shoot a few shots, and pick out the center of the group before moving the crosshairs. If your shots are all over the target, the scope is probably not mounted tight enough in the rings, or the ring bases are not mounted tight enough to the rifle.

Final note, you need to make sure you are using a scope designed for air rifles. Air rifles recoil in a different manner, they actually jerk forward a little bit, or at least piston driven ones do, while most rifles recoil backward. The scope will have some internal parts shake loose if you put an air rifle scope on a rimfire firearm, or if oyu put a rimfire scope on an air rifle.

If you don't have a vise, rest the gun as securely as you can on a picnic table, etc.

Pump the gun as many times as you plan to when you're shooting 10 times for hunting, etc. Use pellets; they are much more accurate. Shoot 3 or 4 times to get a good idea of your point of impact. Adjust your elevation first. Usually the elevation adjustment screw will be labeled up or down, but if not, clockwise is usually up. Once you get your groups centered vertically, then proceed to adjust windage. Clockwise usually adjusts your point of impact to the right.

Be careful not to bump your scope or you will have to start all over. These little scopes aren't very durable. Make sure all scope screws are tight before you start. Cheap scopes usually are crap and don't adjust correctly. Start at 10yds and shoot a paper target say 3 times and adjust. Repeat until bulls-eye. Read the manual for number of clicks for elevation and side to side adjustment. If that does nor work go get a better scope. I have heard bad things about these scopes.

In the real world of rifles a Read up on the brands and spend at least 50 bucks on one. The easiest way to do it is to pump and load the gun, and then clamp the gun in a vice or similar device so it can't move. Place a target at about ft away and then fire the gun.

daisy 4x15 scope manual

Then, while looking through the scope while the gun is still clamped down, adjust it until the cross hairs line up with the hole in the target that you just shot. Use a large cardboard box and just put a dot in the center with a marks a lot. Line up on the dot and shoot find the point of impact where the BB hit. You may have to mark the spot where the BB hit with the marks a lot to make it easy to see. Sand bag or clamp the weapon down with the cross on the dot in the center of the box and move the screws till the get on the dot where you hit.

Unclasp and aim at the center and see what you got. Don't expect a small group it's just not going to happen.This Daisy rifle scope provides 4x magnification with a millimeter objective lens for accurate targeting. The scope features a cross-hair aiming reticle and is adjustable for windage and elevation. Built to last, the scope boasts fog and shockproof construction and is color corrected. For more information go to www.

Perfect fit to the daisy BB gun. My nephew loves that it makes his gun a "real" gun. Skip Navigation Kmart home. Shop Your Way Pinterest Email.

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daisy 4x15 scope manual

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daisy 4x15 scope manual

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How to zero and setup an air rifle scope

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